Below you can look up the name of your city or country to see if it is still open for membership.
Open: CLN will accept applications from these territories.
Covered: CLN does not accept any additional companies from these territories as we are fully represented

City Region Status
Afghanistan Kabul Asia ME Open
Albania Tirana Europe Open
Algeria Algiers Africa Open
American Samoa Pago Pago Oceania Open
Angola Luanda Africa Open
Anguilla The Valley Central America Open
Antigua & Barbuda St. John's Central America Open
Argentina Buenos Aires South America Open
Argentina Cordoba South America Open
Armenia Yerevan Europe Open
Aruba Oranjestad Central America Open
Australia Adelaide Oceania Open
Australia Brisbane Oceania Open
Australia Melbourne Oceania Open
Australia Perth Oceania Open
Australia Sydney Oceania Open
Australia Cairns Oceania Open
Austria Graz Europe Open
Austria Innsbruck Europe Open
Austria Linz Europe Open
Austria Vienna Europe Open
Azerbaijan Baku Asia ME Open
Bahamas Nassau Central America Open
Bahrain Manama Asia ME Open
Bangladesh Chittagong Asia FE Open
Bangladesh Dhaka Asia FE Open
Barbados St. Michael Central America Open
Belarus Minsk Europe Open
Belgium Antwerp Europe Open
Belize Belize City Central America Open
Benin Cotonou Africa Open
Bermuda Hamilton Central America Open
Bhutan Thimphu Asia FE Open
Bolivia La Paz South America Open
Bolivia Santa Cruz South America Open
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Europe Open
Botswana Gaborone Africa Open
Brazil Curitiba South America Open
Brazil Itajai South America Open
Brazil Porto Alegre South America Open
Brazil Rio de Janeiro South America Open
Brazil Salvador Bahia South America Open
Brazil Sao Paulo South America Open
Brunei Darussalam Bandar Seri - Begawan Asia FE Open
Bulgaria Sofia Europe Open
Bulgaria Varna Europe Open
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Africa Open
Burundi Bujumbura Africa Open
Cambodia Phnom Penh Asia FE Open
Cameroon Douala Africa Open
Canada Calgary North America Open
Canada Halifax North America Open
Canada Montreal North America Open
Canada Toronto North America Open
Canada Vancouver North America Open
Canada Winnipeg North America Open
Cape Verde Praia Africa Open
Cayman Islands Georgetown Central America Open
Chad Ndjamena Africa Open
Chile Santiago South America Open
China Beijing Asia FE Open
China Changsha Asia FE Open
China Chengdu Asia FE Open
China Chongqing Asia FE Open
China Dalian Asia FE Open
China Dongguan Asia FE Open
China Guangzhou Asia FE Open
China Hangzhou Asia FE Open
China Ningbo Asia FE Open
China Shanghai Asia FE Open
China Shenyang Asia FE Open
China Shenzhen Asia FE Open
China Suzhou Asia FE Open
China Tianjin Asia FE Open
China Tianjing Asia FE Open
China Wenzhou Asia FE Open
China Wuhan Asia FE Open
China Xiamen Asia FE Open
China Xian Asia FE Open
China Zhengzhou Asia FE Open
China Zhongshan Asia FE Open
Colombia Bogota South America Open
Colombia Cali South America Open
Colombia Cartagena South America Open
Colombia Medellin South America Open
Congo Pointe Noire Africa Open
Congo D.R. Kinshasa Africa Open
Costa Rica San Jose Central America Open
Cote D'Ivoire Abidjan Africa Open
Croatia Zagreb Europe Open
Cuba La Habana Central America Open
Cyprus Limassol Europe Open
Czech Republic Brno Europe Open
Czech Republic Prague Europe Open
Denmark Aarhus Europe Open
Denmark Copenhagen Europe Open
Denmark Odense Europe Open
Djibouti Djibouti Africa Open
Dominica Roseau Central America Open
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Central America Open
Ecuador Guayaquil South America Open
Ecuador Quito South America Open
Egypt Alexandria Africa Open
Egypt Cairo Africa Open
Egypt Giza Africa Open
El Salvador San Salvador Central America Open
Estonia Tallinn Europe Open
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Africa Open
Fiji Lautoka Oceania Open
Fiji Suva Oceania Open
Finland Björneborg Europe Open
Finland Helsinki Europe Open
France Le Havre Europe Open
France Lyon Europe Open
France Marseille Europe Open
France Paris Europe Open
France Toulouse Europe Open
French Guiana Cayenne South America Open
Gabon Libreville Africa Open
Gabon Port Gentil Africa Open
Gambia Banjul Africa Open
Georgia Poti Europe Open
Georgia Tbilisi Europe Open
Germany Berlin Europe Open
Germany Bremen Europe Closed
Germany Cologne Europe Open
Germany Düsseldorf Europe Open
Germany Frankfurt Europe Open
Germany Hamburg Europe Closed
Germany Munich Europe Open
Germany Stuttgart Europe Open
Ghana Takoradi Africa Open
Ghana Tema/Accra Africa Open
Greece Athens/Piraeus Europe Open
Greece Thessaloniki Europe Open
Grenada St. George's Central America Open
Guadeloupe Pointe a Pitre Central America Open
Guam Guam Central America Open
Guatemala Mixco Central America Open
Guatemala Guatemala City Central America Open
Guinea Conakry Africa Open
Guyana Georgetown Central America Open
Haiti Port-au-Prince Central America Open
Honduras Tegucigalpa Central America Open
Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia FE Open
Hungary Budapest Europe Open
Iceland Reykjavik Europe Open
India Ahmedabad Asia FE Open
India Kolkata, West Bengal Asia FE Open
India Bangalore Asia FE Open
India Hyderabad Asia FE Open
India Ahmedabad Asia FE Open
India Pune Asia FE Open
India Chandigarh Asia FE Open
India Shimla Asia FE Open
India Panaji Asia FE Open
India Chennai Asia FE Open
India Mumbai (Bombay) Asia FE Open
India New Delhi Asia FE Open
Indonesia Jakarta, Java Asia FE Open
Indonesia Bali Asia FE Open
Indonesia Surabaya Asia FE Open
Iran Bandar Abbas Asia ME Open
Iran Tehran Asia ME Open
Iraq Baghdad Asia ME Open
Iraq Basra Asia ME Open
Iraq Arbil Asia ME Open
Ireland Belfast Europe Open
Ireland Cork Europe Open
Ireland Dublin Europe Open
Ireland Limerick Europe Open
Ireland Waterford Europe Open
Israel Ashdod Asia ME Open
Israel Haifa Asia ME Open
Israel Tel Aviv Asia ME Open
Italy Pisa Europe Open
Italy Milan Europe Open
Italy Naples Europe Open
Italy Rome Europe Open
Italy Venice Europe Open
Jamaica Kingston Central America Open
Japan Fukuoka Asia FE Open
Japan Nagoya Asia FE Open
Japan Osaka Asia FE Open
Japan Tokyo Asia FE Open
Japan Yokohama Asia FE Open
Jordan Amman Asia ME Open
Kazakhstan Aktau Asia ME Open
Kazakhstan Almaty Asia ME Open
Kazakhstan Astana Asia ME Open
Kazakhstan Atyrau Asia ME Open
Kenya Mombasa Africa Open
Kenya Nairobi Africa Open
Korea Republic of Incheon Asia FE Open
Korea Republic of Busan Asia FE Open
Korea Republic of Seoul Asia FE Open
Kuwait Kuwait Asia ME Open
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Asia ME Open
Laos Vientiane Asia FE Open
Latvia Riga Europe Open
Lebanon Beirut Asia ME Open
Liberia Monrovia Africa Open
Libya Tripoli Asia ME Open
Liechtenstein Vaduz Europe Open
Lithuania Vilnius Europe Open
Luxembourg Luxembourg Europe Open
Macau Macau Asia FE Open
Macedonia Skopje Europe Open
Madagascar Antananarivo Africa Open
Malawi Lilongwe Africa Open
Malaysia Port Klang Asia FE Open
Maldives Male Asia FE Open
Mali Bamako Africa Open
Malta Valletta Europe Open
Martinique Fort de France Central America Open
Mauritania Nouakchott Africa Open
Mauritius Port Louis Africa Open
Mexico Guadalajara Central America Open
Mexico Leon Central America Open
Mexico Manzanillo Central America Open
Mexico Mexico City Central America Open
Mexico Monterrey Central America Open
Mexico Nuevo Laredo Central America Open
Mexico Veracruz Central America Open
Moldova Chisinau Europe Open
Monaco Monaco Europe Open
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Asia FE Open
Montenegro Podgorica Europe Open
Morocco Casablanca Africa Open
Morocco Rabat Africa Open
Morocco Tangier Africa Open
Mozambique Maputo Africa Open
Myanmar Union of Yangon Asia FE Open
Namibia Walvis Bay Africa Open
Namibia Windhoek Africa Open
Nepal Kathmandu Asia FE Open
Netherlands Amsterdam Europe Open
Netherlands Rotterdam Europe Open
New Caledonia Noumea Oceania Open
New Zealand Auckland Oceania Open
New Zealand Christchurch Oceania Open
New Zealand Wellington Oceania Open
Nicaragua Managua Central America Open
Nigeria Lagos Africa Open
Nigeria Port Harcourt Africa Open
Norway Aalesund Europe Open
Norway Bergen Europe Open
Norway Kristiansand Europe Open
Norway Oslo Europe Open
Norway Stavanger Europe Open
Norway Trondheim Europe Open
Oman Muscat/Sohar Asia ME Open
Pakistan Karachi Asia ME Open
Pakistan Lahore Asia ME Open
Pakistan Sialkot Asia ME Open
Palau Koror Pacific Open
Panama Panama City/Colon Central America Open
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Oceania Open
Paraguay Asuncion South America Open
Peru Callao South America Open
Peru Lima South America Open
Philippines Cebu City Asia FE Open
Philippines Manila Asia FE Open
Poland Gdansk Europe Open
Poland Warsaw Europe Open
Portugal Lisbon Europe Open
Portugal Porto Europe Open
Puerto Rico San Juan Central America Open
Qatar Doha Asia ME Open
Reunion St. Denis Africa Open
Romania Bucharest Europe Open
Romania Constanta Europe Open
Russian Federation Moscow Europe Open
Russian Federation Novorossiysk Europe Open
Russian Federation Novosibirsk Europe Open
Russian Federation St. Petersburg Europe Open
Russian Federation Vladivostok Europe Open
Rwanda Kigali Africa Open
Samoa Samoa Africa Open
Sao Tome Sao Tome Africa Open
Saudi Arabia Dammam Asia ME Open
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Asia ME Open
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Asia ME Open
Senegal, Republique du Dakar Africa Open
Serbia Belgrade Europe Open
Sierra Leone Freetown Africa Open
Singapore Singapore Asia FE Open
Slovakia Bratislava Europe Open
Slovenia Koper Europe Open
South Africa Cape Town Africa Open
South Africa Durban Africa Open
South Africa Johannesburg Africa Open
South Africa Port Elizabeth Africa Open
South Korea South Korea South Korea Open
South Sudan Juba Africa Open
Spain Barcelona Europe Open
Spain Madrid Europe Open
Spain Valencia Europe Open
Sri Lanka Colombo Asia FE Closed
Sudan Khartoum Africa Open
Sudan Port Sudan Africa Open
Suriname Paramaribo South America Open
Sweden Gothenburg Europe Open
Sweden Jonkoping Europe Open
Sweden Stockholm Europe Open
Switzerland Basel Europe Open
Switzerland Geneva Europe Open
Switzerland Zurich Europe Open
Syrian Arab Republic Damascus Asia ME Open
Taiwan Taipei Asia FE Open
Tajikistan Dushanbe Asia ME Open
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Africa Open
Thailand Bangkok Asia FE Open
Togo Lome Africa Open
Trinidad & Tobago Point Lisas Central America Open
Trinidad & Tobago Port of Spain Central America Open
Tunisia Tunis Africa Open
Turkey Ankara Europe Closed
Turkey Istanbul Europe Closed
Turkey Izmir Europe Closed
Turkey Mersin Europe Closed
Turkmenistan Ashgabat Asia ME Open
Uganda Entebbe Africa Open
Uganda Kampala Africa Open
Ukraine Kiev Europe Open
Ukraine Odessa Europe Open
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Asia ME Open
United Arab Emirates Dubai/Sharjah Asia ME Closed
United Kingdom Birmingham Europe Closed
United Kingdom Felixstowe Europe Closed
United Kingdom Kainham Essex Europe Closed
United Kingdom Glusgow Europe Closed
United Kingdom London Europe Closed
United Kingdom Manchester Europe Closed
United Kingdom Newcastle Europe Closed
United Kingdom Southampton Europe Closed
United States of America Austin North America Open
United States of America Baltimore North America Open
United States of America Boston North America Open
United States of America Charlotte North America Open
United States of America Chicago North America Open
United States of America Columbus North America Open
United States of America Dallas North America Open
United States of America Denver North America Open
United States of America Detroit North America Open
United States of America El Paso North America Open
United States of America El Segundo North America Open
United States of America Elk Grove North America Open
United States of America Fort Worth North America Open
United States of America Hawai North America Open
United States of America Houston North America Open
United States of America Indianapolis North America Open
United States of America Jacksonville North America Open
United States of America Las Vegas North America Open
United States of America Los Angeles, CA North America Open
United States of America Louisville North America Open
United States of America Memphis North America Open
United States of America Miami North America Open
United States of America Nashville North America Open
United States of America New York North America Open
United States of America New Jersey North America Open
United States of America Oklahoma City North America Open
United States of America Philadelphia North America Open
United States of America Phoenix North America Open
United States of America Portland North America Open
United States of America Redondo Beach North America Open
United States of America San Antonio North America Open
United States of America San Diego North America Open
United States of America San Francisco North America Open
United States of America San Jose North America Open
United States of America Seattle North America Open
United States of America Torrance North America Open
United States of America Texas North America Open
United States of America Washington North America Open
Uruguay Montevideo South America Open
Uzbekistan Tashkent Asia ME Open
Venezuela Caracas South America Open
Venezuela La Guaira South America Open
Venezuela Puerto Cabello South America Open
Venezuela Valencia South America Open
Vietnam Hanoi Asia FE Open
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Asia FE Closed
Virgin Islands, U.S. St. Thomas Central America Open
Yemen Sana'a Asia ME Open
Zambia Lusaka Africa Open
Zambia Ndola Africa Open
Zimbabwe Bulawayo Africa Open
Zimbabwe Harare Africa Open

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Forwarders are part of multiple networks nowadays; CLN stands out to be one of the more established networks in the freight forwarders world. What differentiates CLN from other freight forwarding network?

  1. First Network to offer Additional Profit Share - CLN Cargo Miles Program
  2. Long Established Global Network with Active Relationships
  3. Most Advanced Payment Monitoring System


The Combined Logistics Networks has recently concluded its 13th Annual Conference with a success! It is the best and most successful conference yet of the network. More than 200 forwarders from all over the world has joined our annual conference to know more about the Network and strengthen their business relationships with fellow members.The conference was held last March 11-14, 2015 at The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Delegates were pleased to meet other decision makers that will help them grow their business. 


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